Randomizing midi position and velocity values

I’ve had to rewrite a piano section note for note and everything is in place and boring.
I know I can randomize midi velocity values with the logical editor and I also know I can clumsily randomize position values in the Quantize menu using Randomize “ticks” value.

It is a slow process that mostly yields unusable results but it works. Is there any way of getting this type of process done faster with no overlaps?
Maybe a midi plugin?
How about having more control over them?
I think Pro Tools had a special “random” line in the line tool that just gave random values.

I’m not looking to humanize, I would just like more control over randomizing values for those two midi values, maybe even more if it is possible. Maybe even a visual representation of the randomization like the one Logic has prior to applying it.

I don’t understand why this is slow for you to do. I have logical presets to randomize both the note start points and velocity values and it only takes a couple of seconds to do - and most of that is scrolling through the menu to find the pre-set. If you are in the key editor and have no notes selected it processes all the notes, and if you select some notes it only processes those. You can also use logical presets to process selected midi parts in the project window.

Additionally if you only care about randomizing what you hear, as opposed to the actual midi data, you can use midi modifiers (or midi inserts which takes a bit more to setup) in the project window inspector.

I assume by “overlaps” you mean situations where you have the same note value playing back to back. When you randomize the start position you can end up with the end of the first note happening after the start of second note. In that case the first note-off turns off both the first and second notes - basically making the second note disappear. One way to correct this is to randomize the start for example between 0 and +5 and the end of the note between -7 and -6. Or go into the key editor, select all the notes and just shorten them a bit.

None of this should be particularly time consuming or tedious.

Thank you, there are very good ideas in your explanation.
It is back to the logical editor for me then. :stuck_out_tongue:

what i have set up is a macro that triggers two PLE macros, followed by one standard command, all in one go: the first PLE macro slightly randomizes the velocity, the second slighly randomizes the position, while the third command ‘iterative quantizes’ the result slightly to get closer to the original quantize pattern as chosen in the quantize menu. this is all bound to one keycommand. so i just keep pressing a button which gives me infinite subtle variations, until i find one i’m happy about.

I’ll try it out, thank you!