Randomnly being brought to the end of the project


I have a pretty simple issue and I’m almost positive it is being cause by negligence (ignorance would probably be a better word) on my part:

No matter what I am doing in Cubase (recording, listening, using the key editor, etc…) I get brought to the end of my project at seemingly random times. Sometimes it happens after 25 seconds, sometimes after 2… It is pretty annoying to have to hit “Go to previous marker/Zero” every time this happens.

In case I wasn’t clear, by “brought to the end of my project”, I meant that it is as if I clicked on the second of the transport buttons (Go to next marker/Project end).

I’m hoping someone else has gone through this and knows how to stop it!

In case you need to know, I am running:
Cubase 6 - 64 bit
Windows 7



reversed L/R locators and loop switched on ?

Check your generic remote, maybe you accidently assigned a key to that function?