Randomzing Tool for Velocity

What about the velocity randomizing tool? If for example you have a constant drum part - highlight the snare or a bigger section click type or select the intensity and threshold like minimum value and the maximum value. Plus maybe accents like harder hits on every 2/4/8/16 note etc. I always wanted to have this option and it would make the life easier :slight_smile:

Take care!

A tool like that would be cool. But right now I use logical editor presets assigned to key commands to do these tasks.

Not trying to put words in yer mouth, but I’m not sure you mean ‘random’ so much as -human-.

See this: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=228&t=86179

It would be nice if one could sample an audio file and create a ‘template’ of the amplitudes that one could apply to MIDI note velocities. OR… copy a ‘curve’ of MIDI velocities from one file to another.

For your drum example. I’ll play MIDI drums and the velocities of the rolls come out far more realistic than I could program without a LOT of ‘randomising’ as you’d like to do. Sometimes I’m too lazy to fire up the kit. I wish I could somehow -store- the velocities of drum patterns; not the actual notes, just the way the velocities alternate and than map them (or ‘paint them’) on top of a drum pattern I draw in manually.

Same thing with strings. I often need to draw in some alternating violin bowing. I have other songs with really good patterns–where the bowing sounds realistic and not like a sewing machine. I wish I could ‘paint’ the velocities from that song pattern onto a new song’s MIDI.

I also use L/E but frankly, it’s often more bother than it’s worth… I haven’t built up a large enough library of ‘presets’. I wish they included more presets of the kind yer asking about.

Actually I don’t think any amount of randomizing would get close to your played rolls. When playing there is of course a random element but there is also a component that is regularly “off” in one direction. One hand on average hits it a bit harder, or a bit later than the other hand.

The drum editor in BFD actually let’s you draw in different sticking patterns (e.g. R-R-L-R-R-L) which when combined with a touch of randomizing can sound pretty good.

Randomization is a feature that should be included throughout Cubase. Searching for the Logical Editor preset and/or modifying it is a pain when you are in the middle of making music.