Range "Ambitus" in Write mode of Elements

I often play and set early music. Often the particular instrument or voice is not specified; it depends on who is available in the ensemble. It is an increasingly accepted practice in writing the range of each part to present an ‘ambitus’ at the beginning of its first stave.

The ambitus is shown as two black note-heads vertically aligned; with the lower one representing the lowest note in the part and the higher one representing the highest note.

I would assert that this would be a valid inclusion to 3.5 Elements as it is a part of the part writing and not just engraving.

The only impossible bit for Elements is removing the stem, which is an Engrave mode Property.

I’m trying to think of a workaround, but can’t think of one. Maybe at least, someone could give you a project with some stemless notes in it, which you could copy in to place?

sarebbe molto bello. In MuseScore l’operazione è semplicissima: è sufficiente trascinare il simbolo sulla chiave ed automaticamente trova l’estensione.
Speriamo nella prossima versione di Dorico.


Of course, everything must happen in the next version.

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Thank you. Nicely observed. It seems that Musescore shows how it can be done.

I have returned to Musescore and it does seem to satisfy my needs…

Following another thread, there is a work around in Elements.

    • Add a new bar
    • Make the original beginning of the flow a coda.
    • Hide the coda sign
    • Place the time signature and key in the ‘coda’ first bar. (If a pick up is involved then care with the definition of the first bar of the coda is needed(e.g. 4/2,1 for a crotchet lead-in).
    • Add a 4/2 time-signature to the very first bar and hide the signature and hide it.
    • Add a two note semibreve chord in each first stave. The top note and bottom note provide the ambitus. Make sure the notes do not sound on playback (settings).
      It is now ready to go.
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Good evening,

Thank you for your tip.
I followed step by step your idea, but I have some issues.

  • The clef is two times displayed : once before and once after the Ambitus bar.
    *Same problem with the bracket
    *Same with the key signature

Thank you in advance

Ave Maria – Jeronimo de Aliseda (transposé quarte)3 test.dorico (793.2 KB)