Range Color Control with No Color Option

This has been requested before I’m sure and I did search and didn’t find anything.

Currently, the range color is stationary. It is often difficult to read. A simple ‘no color’ option would make it stand out. This is now possible in the mixer when a fader is selected. Would it be possible for the range color?

If the range could look like the ‘no color’ option in the mixer I think it would be easier to read. Some control over the range color would be great. If you had a ‘no color’ option no matter what the track color it should be easy to read like the fader in the mixer.

Could you copy paste an image directly into the post?

Hi, I hope this shows more what I am getting at. Just looking for more control over the range color so I don’t have keep changing the event color so I can see when using the range tool . Maybe there is some control over the range color and I don’t know about it. Mine comes with a faded blue color in Cubase 11 Pro.

Yes that’s clear now, I guess a way to change the color or maybe invert the look of the waveform would help in visibility.
I think the only chance you have at the moment is to change the track color to make it stand better?