range color

I’m fiddling around with colors…
It’s difficult to see a range because it takes almost the same color as the track.
Is there a way to set the range color ?


I’m not sure, I understound well yours problem. But you can set your own colours in the colour menu. And you can name tham. So if you want to compare 2 colours, you can use the same name, if you can see the difference by eyes.


Thank’s for answering.
I mean that when I make a range on a track it has almost the same color as the track, and I can’t find a way to set a specifik color or brightness for a range.

Oh, I see. You can specify your own color for any region. Just select the region in the Project window, and choose color from the “Select Color” pop-up menu.

You can choose color from your color list only. You can set brightness for all colors together only.

yes, but i don’t want to create a region. I just want to select something with the select tool (tool #2) and do something with it.