Range edit doesn't work with Edit-in place Midi?

Range edit seems to work well with Midi. Excellent. But I often edit Midi-in place and Range edit doesn’t seem to work that way (unless I am doing something wrong). Anyone else try this? Thanks, Ed


What exactly have you tried to do, please?

I had a simple test project with one audio track and one midi track. Entered some notes from keyboard. Then used edit in place. Tried to use the range tool. Drew a range, tried to move it. Nothing happened (though the range was highlighted). Then held ALT key and tried to copy a range. Nothing happened there either. As I said in original post, the range tool did work with midi in normal mode. But with in-place it didn’t. Is that by design?

In my case Range edit doesn´t work in Edit in Place when the Combine selection tool is enabled.
I guess this is a bug?
Another thing I can´t do is show lanes in Edit in Place. Another bug?


I can confirm. Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Thanks Martin. Thought I was doing something stupid.

The other issue is that scrolling horizontally, while Edit in Place is active, badly corrupts the ruler, at least on Mac.

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Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Sure. I notice this only on my M1 Mac, I have an Intel based iMac that doesn’t seem to exhibit the problem:

To reproduce, open Edit in Place and then scroll the arrangement horizontally.


Thank you very much. Now I can reproduce it too. Reported to Steinberg.