Range Editing Errors

Here’s a problem that has stymied me and many others who’ve witnessed it via remotes and MP4 clips. Any help would be much appreciated!

In Cubase Range Editing, the following procedures produce phantom events (silent “notes”) that resemble muted notes, but are not (they can’t be unmuted with the mute tool). .

Global Copy: I set the left and right locators, go to Range > Global Copy; I place the cursor where I want to insert the segment in the project (which should also move all subsequent events to the right of course). Instead, when I paste the segment, the result is spectacular – it overlays not only the selected segment (without moving anything), but also the rest of the whole project, with phantom “notes” that replicate much of the rest of the project, but don’t sound. All the phantom events appear well within the tracks’ timeline range.

Then I try Global Copy again, this time placing it to the right of the project (but within the track range) to make the pasted items clearer. The results are the same (the selected segment appearing at the cursor, but the entire project, before and after the selected segment, appearing to the left and right of the copied selected segment – sometimes thousands of white phantom notes).

Paste Time : I place the left and right locators to indicate the amount of time I want to insert at the location of the left locator (which should also move all subsequent events to the right), and choose Paste Time in the Range pull-down. Instead of doing this, nothing moves, and the project is overlayed with phantoms.

These are not muted notes. In fact, they’re not notes at all – there’s no way to make them sound. As you can see, they can’t be unmuted with the mute tool. If inserted elsewhere in the project, in another project, or in a new project, nothing can make them sound.

Over the last nine months, I have downloaded new “copies” of Cubase more than a dozen times (versions 9.5, 10, 10.5 and 11).

Sweetwater reformatted all my drives, a new copy of Windows was installed, and Cubase loaded onto the “virgin” PC. Same results, regardless of the VSTs loaded.

Steinberg worked on this for months, with no solution. Has anyone seen this before?


Cubase 11
Intel i5-7700


Where do you find this in the manual, please? The Global Copy is just about the Copy function, not Paste. Paste doesn’t move the other data.

Martin - Apologies for note getting back to you sooner. The other functions in Range Editing – particularly “Paste Time at Origin” (pasting and moving all subsequent events to the right, including tempo, etc) and deleting all data in the selection range and moving all subsequent events to fill in the gap – are amazing helpful – I use them every day. In the Cubase 11 manual, see pp. 226-227. In earlier manuals, search for “Range Editing.”