Range Limit in Midi Editor (Instrument)

Hello Everybody,

I write classic stuff for amateurs and youth orchestras. It is always difficult to remember and correct the different ranges and comfort zones of the different instruments or voices. A choir of 5 year old children does not have the same range as a choir of 10 year old children. And this is also true for string and wind orchestras. And it even varies from school to school.

Question: Isn’t there a range limit for different instruments, so that I see these notes are too high when I compose in the MIDI editor. Maybe the keyboard on the right side could be grayed out above a certain height. It would already help me if there would be no MIDI sound output.

Can I program an instrument preset? For example, Children Soprano 1 Range c1-g2?

1000 thanks for help!

It would be nice if there was some way to color code ranges, but there isn’t. The closest (not even kinda close) is in the Key Editor you can have it color the Notes based Voice (SATB) or MIDI Channel so each line is visually apparent. I once set the Note Colors to Voice and then marked the various ranges by putting small adhesive stickers along the bezel of my monitor.

Depending on the version of Cubase you are using - the Input Transformer can be set to remove incoming notes that are out of range. Or if you have existing Notes in the Key Editor you could create Logical Editor Presets to select out of range Notes and Mute, Delete or otherwise modify them.