range loops in nuendo = problems.


i record hours of sounds with modular synth looking later to make loops out of some parts.
so i record with sync straight to nuendo then come back and fix the range to 1bar or 2 and when i hear a steady loop i cut left right unedr the L R locators and later export that portion of region.

but i realise something weird :
if i put left right locators somewhere. the loops sounds perfect. maybe a little clic but i can solve that later.
now if i cut region under locators and play the loop. the playback is different than without cutting the regions (!)
and clic at loop is much louder and aloso i loose some transient at loop start.
while this “bad” loop is playing if i move the region size of the loop away from loop locators playback sounds good again.
hope my explanations are ok.
i’m sure if i export the loop the sound will be ok, i guess it’s more the way nuendo is handeling loop with regions matching locators.
but that’s a bit confusing when searching for a good loop.
i made sure that auto fades are off. and all is quantized. no effects on that track and session is quite light.
(no vsti few tracks)