Range select in Piano roll midi editor

So I use midi editing a lot but currently if I want to copy what is in a bar I need to duplicate the midi notes or alt copy, then manually move them to the next bar; even though this is fairly quick (as well as exiting the editor and doing it the arrange window) but it would be quicker if we could use the range select tool in the piano roll editor and maybe even have a double click option to select the desired bar your mouse is hovering over… the “control D” then its copied it would speed up workflow immensely!

I know this has been mentioned before but was a few years back and no one at steinberg thought it worth implementing but if enough of us ask for it you never know : )




Is this still not possible?

Yes please!!

So … this super simple and obviously useful feature is still missing ???
I was poking around with something I found in the Key Commands dialog about “range to next event” and after 5 minutes I’m still scratching my head of what the use of it is. I got it to make some smooth moves and I thought “WOW! This will rock in the Key Editor!!!”. Nope! No range tool in the Key Editor. So here I am. Sorry for bumping an “almost 2 years old” topic … but there is a cure … :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, I think I must be misunderstanding. Can’t you just ALT drag to copy the notes to the new location?

I think the two issues with their contention is

1.) Depending on their zoom level/how big their work area is, they may not be able to see all the notes / it’s annoying to have to zoom out every time. Use the range tool would allow one to be sure they are selecting all the notes in the range.

2.) Range selection includes empty space when say, ctrl+d duplicating.

3.) Alt drag as you suggest, requires a concerted effort to be precise in both selection, and drop location. It would be quicker to just range select the bar.

I can support this feature request, small things make big difference. I’m out of votes, but I gave the OP a heart.


Oh by the way, as a workaround, I believe you can use the locators to do this.

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My hi-hat programming game needs this feature.

Yeah, it’s OK to do once. Then you go to the next thing you need to do and you realize this new selection covers an entire bar exactly. Now you can use CTRL+D and hit it five times a second or even hold it down and spray paint the key editor with copies of your selection if you need to. Next task you’re back at a odd shaped selection and if you try the CTRL+D trick the notes get placed kind of out of phase with the rest of the project as it’s not aligned. You kind of start to wish for a tool which copies and pastes the ranger rather than the length of the notes, right?

+1 It is an interesting request.

As fellow posters said:

May I add: If we want to stretch a selection of events, we need to go up to the project window, use the cut tool, then size applies time stretch, then reglue (or not).

To take it a bit further: I think that we need a “selection container” for MIDI events. I don’t know if the logical thing for the future would be to have “THE WINDOW”

offer control over a selection of midi events (notes) of the Key editor (even tilt and compress that don’t make much musical sense in my opinion), but it IS such a “selection container”, in that you can manipulate the whole selection as an entity by acting on the container. This way, we can:

  • Duplicate easily. (Because we can resize the vertical edges of the “selection container” to be exactly as big as we want.)
  • Use Select Tool Applies Time Stretch. (and have data within the container stretch.)
  • Use Compress, Tilt, that act upon the Y axis of the Key Editor, even if it doesn’t make much musical sense. (This could also be performed by a simple diagonal drag of the “selection container” to the Y direction, in the same way a drag to the X direction would perform a stretch/squeeze.)

But, yes, even just a range tool would be hugely appreciated!

+1 for editing pedal sustain. We must need Range Selection tool in the piano roll