Range Selection and Cutting

I’m trying to select a portion of a track, but Cubase will only let me select increments of whole measures, or if I change the settings from Bars+Beats to Seconds, only increments of whole seconds. With the cutting tool, I can only cut a track on an increment. How can I select or cut a portion of a track without being limited by these increments?

you can turn off snap or if you change the size of the snap too you can have it bars. beat or quantize in the grid type , the quantize will then depend if you have 1/4 or 1/8 or 1/16 notes etc in the quantize type ,also check in the snap type for different types of snap ,these are all in the toolbar near the snap on/off button. get to know these 4 things better they are useful tools for cutting and keep them together in the toolbar… snap on/off,snap type,grid type,quantize type. hover over them to find their names.

Thank you for the quick reply! As you could probably tell, I’m completely new to this software but thanks again for helping me out!