Range Selection as Tool Modifier for Selection Tool

I realize Steinberg had a good theoretical idea about the split functionality of the combined range/selection tool, and put work into that. But there are two big problems:

  1. As anyone trying to work efficiently knows: Any kind of operation requiring precision work with the mouse (or actually using the mouse at all) is a workflow killer. The direction UI/UX design has gone with touch screens and mouse precision distrubts the ability to program combinations into the muscle memory, instead relying on your eye focusing on elements. To me, this is completely wrong in every aspect. Also, when working under pressure, I constantly end up accidently using the range tool instead of the selection tool and vice versa.

  2. I often work with large orchestral mockups, and the split functionality is useless in those cases, since I rely on vertical overview of the entire project.

It would be much better if the exact same functionality was avaliable as use with a tool modifier, using a modifier key instead.