Range selection (Shift + mouse click) does not work in Project Manager

Wavelab 9.5:

  1. Open the Project Manager tab (next to the File Browser);
  2. Select Multiple Files (for Drag and Drop) by clicking the respective button;
  3. Try to select a range of items by pressing Shift and clicking on the first and the last item of the range.

Result: a range of items cannot be selected by pressing Shift and clicking.

Is this intentional?

Indeed, but this feature is currently not supported.

Please, consider adding it, it would be very handy for inserting multiple items.

In fact I was wrong, the option is already implemented :blush:
Just click on this button, and you activate the multi selection mode:
Independently from this, note, of course, that you can drag and drop multiple files from WaveLab’s file browser, or from your operating system file browser.

Good news! Which button is it exactly? For some reason I cannot see the PNG you’ve attached.

I updated my previous message.

Thanks for the image. Engaging “Select Multiple Files” indeed allows one to select multiple files, but to select them one has to click them one-by-one. In contrast, I was talking about selection of a continuous range of items by Shift+cliking the first and last items of a range of items.

For instance, my current project contains 143 audio files and a few montages. I wanted to insert files 37–63 into one of the montages and painfullly realized I had to click them one-by-one to do so from the Project Manager.

I know I can do this from the File Browser as Shift+clicking does work there. But I like the idea of project you’ve implemented in the recent version of WL and wish it to work smoothly. The Project Manager differs from the File Browser in that it allows one to consolidate a list of files from different drive locations. That’s a benefit. Thus my request to extend the functionality of item selection in the Project Manager.

This should be achievable in the future. However, I hope the current solution is better than single selection anyway.

Agreed and appreciated.