Hi Cubase Forum

I’m hoping for some setup advice. What I’m trying to achieve is to avoid toggling between the tools.

When I’m using the Range Selection tool, I would like to click inside the audio track and the cursor start from there instead of hitting L, and is it possible to hold down a key eg: CTRL to use scrub tool, and once I let go, it goes back to the range selection tool, or whatever tool I was using, and the same for object selection, if holding down say ALT, it changes to object selection, and once letting go, it returns to range selection again.

Many thanks

I’m using Cubase 8 on a PC :smiley:


In Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifier, you can set the modifiers, you would use with the tools. But for Range Tool, there are only two actions: Exclude Raw and Select Full Vertical.

I’m afraid, you cannot use the modifier the way, you wish to.

HI Martin
Thank you again for your prompt response. I’ll look into the Tool Modifier, and just get quicker at the default setup. Many Thanks.