Range Selection Tool for Key Editor

Having the Range Selection Tool in the Key Editor would be really handy for duplicating whole segments (including empty gaps inbetween) and for straight MIDI note trims of selections. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
[I know duplicating segments can be done with the In-Place Editor, but that’s sometimes quite inconvenient]

+1 please. Particularly for midi cc editing in the lanes. Much easier to select sections than the rubber band :slight_smile:


While they are at it… add nodes to the velocity bars in the controller display/lane and the ability to “rubber band” them. Basically, an easy way to select notes with low velocities without selecting or affecting others at all and without using the logical editor. In advance, Thank You Steinberg :slight_smile:

Thanks to the topic owner for making the request on this issue.
Cubase 10.5 makes it easier to use the Range Selection tool, but the function is not available in the Key Editor.

If we could duplicate a MIDI phrase using the Range Selection tool, it would be very useful to paste it at the beginning of the next bar or beat.

This feature is important and necessary for trackmakers who do a lot of copy and pasting.

Actually,those who changed to Ableton Live from cubase and fl point out its support for this operation.


+1 for sure!

+1 for range tool or at least smarter relative duplicate like Logic or Studio One where when selected notes duplicated they snap to the next grid instead of the butt of the last note which usually makes no sense if the note is shorter than a beat.

i don’t know why Steinberg don’t improve things like that requested for so many years, they maybe look small and not bombastic features, but they are very useful and efficient for everyday task that improve workflow and speed. the range tool can get many improvements in general, like S1 mange to implement


CC lane is missing this editing tool
Iam using so much this tool outside of editor that when iam in the editor i ask myself why Steinberg is not bringing this so useful, fast and basic tool.

But does it seems to be a not know feature ? Many users would sometimes need to duplicate things in sync in the editor with a easy/fast way ?
Because for years it looks like we are not so many to wish this feature.



+1 Still no range selection in key editor or controller lane in cubase 11.