Range Selection Tool in Key editor window

My request: The Range Selection Tool (tool next to the arrow :wink:) also available in the Key editor window.

Really love this tool, copy /paste / dubpicate your selection with all automations and controller data, use it a lot to arrange my songs.

But do miss this option in the key editor, it’s would be nice to select and copy and repeat a selected part of a melody (midi notes) with or without all the modulation / pitchbend / controller data and easily duplicate it :slight_smile:



The Auto-Select Controllers button in the Key Editor toolbar does just that. Activate it and controllers are selected along with notes, deactivate it and they are not.

But can you also select just a part of the melody and duplicate this like the in the ableton key editor?

So no legato notes but like grid copy. So empty space at the end will be copied too

Normally when you select notes and press ctrl+d they appear right after the last note, but if you could use a selection tool you can copy/duplicate the selection like in the arrangement


auto-select controllers helps a bit, but more importantnly i think a function that lets the user select an arbitrary portion of ‘empty space’ along with notes, and then paste that elsewhere (much like it works in the arrange), is needed.

it happens all the time that i need to copy a section of notes that, for instance, don’t start on the grid, and don’t end at the end of a measure. simply copying and pasting will place the new iterations of the MIDI notes directly following the original version, which is almost never intended. using the range tool would be a big time saver (as opposed to having to use the ‘grid-relative’ mode to achieve this).

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a big “+1” from me too :slight_smile:
The only way to include silence at the beginning or end of a selection is by means of the Range tool!
Fortunately, in most cases we can get what is needed by using the Range tool in the the In-Place Editor.

Well color me corrected! :blush: I didn’t think that through.

+1 - I have even looked for the range tool in the Key Editor more than once.

Big +1


Exactly I agreed too.

I wonder why that range selection tool is not available in the Key editor. I’m using it a lot for automation and i wish to edit my midi CC line in the key editor the same way without to go in In-Place Editor each time I need to duplicate some grid interval.
When i have to copy a specific midi CC line between few of them, In-Place Editor is not the perfect tool for that purpose compare to the Key Editor.

A big + 1 for me too.

+1 very useful idea. Suprised I missed it last June when it was originally posted.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Well, its been a shame for a long time that the Range Tool has yet to make an appearance in the Key Editor…


PS:- (sorry, a little off topic) - But the thread has now prompted me to look again at the In-Place Editor - someone mentions using the Range Tool there (@vic france); I just tried and I can’t seem to get it to do anything useful - no ALT+drag a selection to produce a copy; no CTRL+C/V to copy/paste a range… what am I missing…?

anyone else…?
Don’t mean to hijack the thread. :wink:

For Copy/Paste… Copy while the Range Tool is still active, but you have to switch back to the regular Select (Arrow) Tool in order to Paste at the desired position.
As for Drag ‘n’ Drop, I have noticed that it can indeed be a bit temperamental here… just make sure that the Hand Tool is showing (while the Range Tool is still active). You’ll normally find that the tool is set for modifying the selected Range, but can indeed be “tricked” into changing to the Hand Tool. This usually involves juggling the mouse vertically (maybe up as far as the main Ruler). I know it isn’t ideal (buggy? Accident?), but in any case, Copy/Paste should work if you do like I mentioned earlier :wink:.

Workaround time!

Make your selection in the Key Editor and then
Transport - Locate selection start
Copy … or Cut
Transport - Enter Cursor Position
Up Arrow
Up Arrow

I don’t know if you’ve changed your Key Commands so I just wrote the names of the commands out instead.
Most of the lines are pretty obvious except the Enter Cursor Position thingie, maybe?
It’s a great tool for navigating with extra precision.
When you invoke it a little box in the middle of the screen appears.
Up Arrow increase the selected part of the position and Down Arrow decrease it, funnily enough.
Right Arrow and Left Arrow moves the selection to different parts of the position in bars and beats etc.
So in my example with hitting Up Arrow twice you move two whole bars to the right.
This is instantaneous so you can watch where the position cursor is in the project.
The beauty of it all is that the subdivisions are retained when you change the value with the arrow keys.
This means that if your located selection starts at and you move the position two bars you will end up at precisely.
When you have done this a few times it gets second nature.
Since the selection is in the clipboard of the computer you can move e.g. two more bars and paste again.
Same goes for closing the Key Editor and opening another Part on another Track in the Key Editor and paste again.


Now if we only also had a Lasso Tool:

Bingo…! Thanks @vic france - Copy/Paste from IPE as you state; now doing it…! Won’t go on; derailing thread too much already… :slight_smile:
Thanks to @H Ulf too…! ‘Edit Cursor Position’ noted for future reference. :wink:

I think range selection on controller lane would be great: you wouldn’t have to click precisely to select all sustain events in the range. Sometimes I click on the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom by mistake and it takes time to get back to the place I was editing.