-Range Selection- tool in the Editor

Why we don’t have the range selection tool in the Editor ?

----------To copy note with the grid, it’s ok there is 4 options (maybe more from others users)
1)“Grid Relative”, but i can only mouse drag copy => Cmd/Crtl+D is not the good option, cause it will copy just behind the last note.
2) Create “ghost” note (at the begining and the end of the grid portion) that i mute, and then I can duplicate (Crtl+D) easily what I need.
3) Edit in Place, it’s nice for certain purposes, but I don’t really like to edit in that place…
4) Leave the Editor and edite in the Project Window, hum… i like the editor why should i have to leave it…

Range tool would be more faster than those 4 options, at least for my workflow, but it’s ok i can deal with it :slight_smile:

----------To copy midi CC line in sync (with the grid) it’s getting tricky.
I didn’t find really good workaround except edit event in the Project Window to keep those midi CC modulations in sync, or use “Extract MIDI Automation”.
But in the Editor iam still using the “Object Selection” tools to copy specific part of those midi CC lines. Not as good as the Range Selection Tool would do in that purpose :frowning:

Range selection tool is availabe in the Project Window tool, it would be so nice to have it in the Editor.


+1 here too (since forever :wink: )


Also: in Parts containing Audio I can use the Selection tool once then it forgets where it was selected so I can’t just select one bar and Duplicate 3 more times to make 4 bars. I instead have to select one bar, Duplicate, select the two bars, Duplicate again. It’s been like that for ages and it seems pretty silly to me.


I find the range tool quite useful for making quick selections and deleting stuff.

It would be great for the key editor and specifically the midi cc lanes, to select a block of data and move, copy or delete it.
It would also be useful in the note section to select a block, and when deleted any notes sticking out are cut off.
If the user shift selected a midi cc lane whilst there is an active selection in the note section, the horizontal width of that selection would also be selected in clicked controller lane.

Like the range tool in the project window, the range tool wouldn’t select note in the key editor, merely blocking out a selection on which an action is taken. In the lane editor it would make sense to have it select data.

Other very useful commands for the range tool in this context:
-set part start and end to range selection, or set start and length individually to range selection
-delete all outside of range (notes and data overlapping range are cut)

Agreed! +1

Definitely +1!!! I don´t understand why this isn´t a thing!

Would be very useful in many scenarios. +1

+1 too
i made a request in december 2016 :wink: , but it seems not to bother many users…

Thanks. I’ll merge the two.

Thanks !

Massively useful and needed! +1