Range Soft Keys on MC Control Question

I can’t find any info on this in the manual nor could I find what I needed from a search here. So, could someone explain to me what the series of range soft keys do on the MC Control?

I’ve figrued out the crop range and the enlarge range functions. But I’m not sure what I’d use the others for. I use the range tool all the time for various copy, paste and bounce functions in Nuendo. I’ve always used the track ball and my key short cuts. But I can’t figure out how the MC’s access to this tool is supposed to speed anything up.

I can launch the tool from the tool selector page. But I’m still using the track ball for all the other settings. None of the other range selections seem to open any start and end points or other parameters. So I’m at a loss for what I could do with this.
Can anyone fill me in on this one?

Seriously, None of you are using that feature set on your MC’s?

Maybe that’s the reason why nobody uses it?
To be quite honest, nothing really beats a mouse and a keyboard when it comes to editing for me. And nothing really beats a set of faders when it comes to mixing.


So they just put it in there, spread out over several pages no less, for NO REASON? It’s just there because its in Nuendo? You must be able to do SOMETHING with it besides launch it, right? More importantly, why isn’t this covered in the manual anyway?

Has anyone here used those range keys for anything? This is just too bizaar to let go.