range tool = how to deselect tracks


i want to edit some audio track’s volume automation bound to my cycle marker track.
so i go on the specific cycle marker i want to bound my edit to (not sure that’s english) i double clic on that cycle marker and all tracks above/below are range selected to that cycle marker.
ok now i want to edit only one or selected tracks… not all (!)
how do i do that ?
in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcx239rrvuo) i see the guy selects a range with cursor and then you can deselect a track. but when i select range from double clic on cycle marker than i can’t deselect any track for some reason.
the only way to make that is active snap events, zoom enough so snap event works select range start of cycle, unzoom because this cycle is long… rezoom in to get snap event work for the end, move that range to teh tracks i need to edit … start to work. this is a nightmare.

how do you do it ?

to explain more here is a video from my session.
in first part you see i can do what i want from selecting range with mouse. But in second part i can’t do anything from selecting range from cycle marker.