range tool macro to split and mute event ?

trying to select range(with the range tool) with an audio/midi event and split and mute it in one action.
cant do it yet ! any suggestions ?

Split it where? Mute what? More precision needed. Why the range tool? You don’t need the range tool to split and mute an event. You mean you want the range tool to be selected once the edit is complete?

Maybe the macro I posted in the “Macro Mania” thread might help (using a range to split and copy).

Do you mean split and mute according to the current range of the left and right locators?

First select the event and then execute the following macro:

Transport - Go to Left Locator
Edit - Split at Cursor
Transport - Go to Right Locator
Edit - Split at Cursor
Navigate - Left
Edit - Mute Events

Hey stingray, thanks for posting, this is a great one! I’m going to add it to the macro mania thread as week, where maybe more folks can see it. Thanks again!

i mean selecting a range on an event with the range tool,and mute that range.without using the locators.

(the problem i encounter in the macro i try to build,is that i cant select the part i want to mute when range tool is selected)

See my post above, I think that part works.

i got the macro for my need, almost complete… ill post in the macro mania thread ))