Range Tool Problem

This is going to be a simple one. But I still can’t find what I need to reset. So, here’s my question.

My range tool has stopped releasing it’s control when I switch back to the cursor. Usually, I switch from cursor to range tool, copy the part I want and switch back to cursor and move on. But for some reason, now the range tool shifts my start and stop points in the transport window and leaves them wherever the last copy/paste edit took place. So I have to keep re-setting my markers.

How do I get it to stop doing that?

Anybody? I can’t find anything in the preferences that addresses this.

Preferences -> Editing -> Cycle follows range selection

Should it be checked or unchecked? It was checked when I opened that section and I unchecked it. But the range tool didn’t go back to the original settings when I went back to the cursor tool. What else should I check?

I’m not sure I understand your problem then.

Unchecking it means that using the range tool does not affect your cycle markers.

Never mind. You understood my problem correctly. I did it again and this time it worked. It helps when you hit APPLY and okay before you leave the preferences (LOL)! :blush: Thanks!