Range Tool Quick hold and release Like the Draw Tool

Assigning a key to the Range Tool for quick hold and release like the Draw tool does with the Alt Key


MANY of the tools need to be hold and release… including MUTE and SCISSORS.

Eg. I want to be able hold down the mouse or shift or -whatever and cut with the scissors and then lift up and automagically switch back to the select tool.

The current deal where I have to select a new tool -manually- every frickin’ time is soooooooooooo CLUNKY.

A Smart tool will be the solution to all those problems. Hopefully Cubase brings it one day.

I agree,

My first major complaint when I switched to Cubase was that there are way too many tools that could be easily reduced with modernized workflows.

The designers would have to spend a bit of time looking at modern DAWs like Bitwig and Ableton Live to see how they excel with simple but effective workflows ideas.

For exemple, there is no need for a range tool in Ableton because of the way the object selection tool respond to the grid. I don’t know who still uses the zoom tool but they should start using the scroll wheel. Why take 4 to 6 clicks or 2 key presses for zooming by switching tools twice?

The mute tool, I never use. I have the Zero key assigned to muting events like in Ableton. A ‘‘press and hold’’ key for muting I might use. But as of now there are way to many clicks involved for a mute tool.

All those tools feels like an old Paint software. Everything was moving slower back then but now, we’ve become a lot faster and need intelligent and faster ways to work. Modern DAWs should inspire Steinberg to let go of a few archaic concept like 13 tools that could be reduced to just a few with press and hold triggers.

I couldn’t agree more. I myself very recently switched to Cubase and coming from Sonar Platinum, trust me, Cubase seems like a nightmare in some simple workflow comparison. What was possible in Sonar in one click, Cubase requires 5-6 clicks. And let alone the lack of Melodyne integration, Smart Tool kinda things etc.

However, I seem to realize that Cubase focuses on some other features that are incredible and unique in my experience. For example, the Control Room feature, the Midi scoring flexibility, music to picture flexibility, the 5.1 surround sound flexibility, and many others. In my opinion, these are amazing.

Therefore, at this moment, and for me at least, Cubase doesn’t seem to be most flexible ‘audio editing’ DAW. But it sure does a great, perhaps the greatest job for orchestration purposes. Specially those which do not involve much audio recording and super fast editing.

By the way, many people that have been using Cubase like forever, do not even know what they are missing because they are somehow habituated to the arguably old way of editing. So, they do not seem to realize the importance of a Smart tool and some other features.

Under the circumstances, some of us can only hope that Steinberg someday listens to our prayers and delivers accordingly.

True. You where also right about Cubase having some unique and great features. I give them a hard time on the forums but they do have great features. After all these years, it’s become a monster DAW. I have to disagree with scoring to picture though. Cubase’s lack of Nuendo’s Edit Mode is a major flaw IMO. It’s something that comes stock in most modern DAWs. They say it’s a post production thing but if a composer wants to do some simple mickey mousing, Cubase fails to help you with that.

By the way I use almost daily Cubase’s built in VariAudio as an alternative to Melodyne and it’s pretty good.