Rangetool selection copy/paste: more than selectedrange is pasted

Cub 9.5.10 windows 10 (1709 16299.192)

There is midi information in a specific midi track version and a portion (let say a bar) of the track is selected with the range tool and put on the copy clipboard with CTL+C. If you then switch the track to another version and press paste the range seems to be pasted well, but if the glue tool is used to glue all the parts together again then I notice a lot of double events appearing OUTSIDE the pasted range.


I cannot reproduce it. Could you post a screenshots, or video, please?

Hoi Martin, Ok repro:
Create fairly long midi track with information on it. Using the range selection tool select a smaller portion of that track (let’s say a few bars) and press CTL+C to copy the selected range.
Create an empty midi track (as destination track) and paste the range just copied somewhere. It looks okay- but if you extend the pasted range (with the part grip at the bottom right) you will notice that actually the entire source track is in there.
Obviously, if there would be something already there on the destination track, glueing the pasted range part to it will lead to undesired results.
One would expect to have pasted just the portion of the track selected with the range select tool.
I do not know whether this is by design or not, any way it is confusing enough to avoid using the range tool and forces the user to revert to the clumsy scissors method again.


I understand. I think, this is by design. There is a non-destructive vs destructive cut. The non-destructive keeps all of the data after/before the cut, so you can reuse them after. The destructive one loose the data.

And I think, this is somehow related. So even if you copy and paste the data, you are still able to extend the pasted MIDI Part to get the extended data. From the user point of view, I understand, you don’t expect to show up the data when you glue them with another MIDI Part.

You’re right. for the range tool In it makes sense to make a difference between pasting audio info and midi info (audio should be a nondesctructivefile pointer thing, pasting midi should just paste what has been selected and nothing more.)
Or even better: just create a preference option for the desired behavior.

When I think of it, all this confusion can be avoided by giving the scissors rubberband capabilities just like the range selection tool.

Also I noted when I delete a selection using the range tool it does destructively, meaning that the part that’s left over can not be extended to contain the original. This is all very confusing.