Rapidly Disappearing Trial Version.

I’m now down to 39 days of the trial version left, even though I’ve actually only tried it on three occasions - N8 will not load my latest N7 project so I stopped using it, but the days still count down - ridiculous! This never used to happen. In the past we were able to use each trial version for 60 days, at our leisure. What is the point of reducing the trial period when it is not actually being trialled? - it will not make me buy in to N8 any sooner, it just makes me angry. It is idiotic.

Just tried to use N8 again with a project that doesn’t crash when being loaded, but N8 crashed again when I was trying to add a sampler track while following the instructions in the help.

This is just too much aggravation for me.

What’s the difference between not being able to use N8 because the dongle expired or not being able to use N8 because of DOP, Rx6, new AAF errors and no HD video from the BM?

Ha, not much, but despite all of the bugs I’d still like to be able to try N8 to some extent to get a handle on how it differs from N7. At first glance, N8 looks very cluttered and busy, which I don’t like. I’d also like to see how it performs with my control surfaces.

Maybe I need to use it only for new projects, not for projects created in N7; or perhaps I should just stay with N7 and forget about N8.

That’s the voice of reason speaking.

I just started using the N8,but it won’t see my Blackmagic intensity pro in the devices anymore.
What should I do to make it work like in N7?

Sadly, I think that the only answer at the moment is to go back to N7.


It should be in the devices list, if it does not show maybe some surroundings are not as expected (driver, OS version)
On the other hand I had problems showing video in N7 from the latest driver version, so I rolled back. BM Desktop utility (driver) 10.6.5. works in N7 and N8 at least on MAC OS 10.12.6.

Thank you very much,I did that and it works!

Getting back to the point of this thread, once Steinberg have fixed all of the reported issues with the current release of N8, it would be a nice gesture is they would reset our trial periods so that we could at least have 60 days to assess/trial a working version of the software.

It is not possible to effectively test a version that is riddled with bugs.

For me the trial is too unreliable for work.
In most cases I will do a small or medium project on a new Nuendo - the only way to deal with learning curve.
In this case I had a few time where projects from N7 couldnt show video in N8, Glitches when using a plug and so on.
Plus, August-september I tend to take some time off - not just vacations, also moving from one studio to another, relocating, writing, bla bla bla.

For me the trial feels like Beta test where I need to find what doesnt work instead of learning the new stuff.

My point exactly.