"Rare" Four-Bar Repeat


I’m sorry if this was discussed before, but my search [repeat+previous+bar+Dorico] did not prove fruitful.

We all know of the %-type sign, meaning, “repeat previous bar/bars”. Today, however, I heard of a rare four-bar repeat.

Does/will Dorico have that?

Thank you!

Dorico does not yet have this, but we do of course plan to add it as soon as we can.

I use the four-bar repeat in Sibelius fairly often, FWIW.

I’ve never had to use it, but it’s been there ALL the time? hides face :blush: :laughing:

May I suggest that four-bar repeat symbols are used with extreme caution? I remember really struggling to read and play complicated stuff in new music that used them. Eyes darting all over the part!