Rare glissandi lines

Hey there!
How can I type custom text above and below a glissando line (see image 1)?
In the future, will there be any way to achieve a similar result with the glissando “curve” in image 2?

Image 1.jpg
Image 2.jpg

We should be able to introduce an option for custom text on glissando lines in future, but I suspect that the kind of curved line you’re looking for in the second example would not be possible using the glissando feature – though I do expect us to add some general-purpose line drawing tools in future, and then this would probably become possible.

Ok, thank you very much!

I didn’t find a way to do this kind of slow glissandi:
Unfortunately, I had to switch to Sibelius to do something like this:
Sibelius glissandi.png
I’m a big fan of Dorico and I hope this feature will soon be implemented.
Best regards

It’s by no means as automatic as putting in an actual glissando (though you can certainly do that in Dorico between two notes that are not rhythmically abutting) but you can do quite a lot with text items if you copy and paste glyphs from here and input them using the ‘Music text’ character style in Dorico. See the attached.
wiggly-text.dorico.zip (334 KB)

Thank you very much for the answer and the file!
It was very helpful!
Would it be possible to do those music texts/huge glissandi lines with an angle (see attached picture)?

Glissando lines are currently always straight, I’m afraid (even if the line looks wiggly because it’s drawn using glyphs, the line itself will always proceed at a constant angle).