[Rarely happen] Cannot see suggestions rendered well when building ensembles

Dorico Version (Jul 12 2022)
Dorico 4 AudioEngine Version
macOS 13.0 22A379

Have you changed the highlight/accent colours for the OS in Settings?

Thanks for your response.
My setting of the accent colo(u)r is the first one (multi-color).
Also, the highlight color is set as “multi-color”, too.
It occurred to me that I didn’t change these two options in recent years.

For English translation, here’s a pic I googled. He uses the same setting except the light appearance.

Thanks. I have the same setting on my own Mac here. Do other list views in Dorico have the same problem? Do you have the same problem if you try Dorico’s light theme as well?

  1. I didn’t see there’s another list view having the same problem.
  2. Looks like this issue doesn’t happen with Apple Remote Desktop regardless whether Dorico theme is light or black.

I’ll drop another reply with eGPU test results (my mac mini uses eGPU).


I believe that this issue is randomly happened. Now this issue is gone.
However, Dorico did crash right after I switched its own theme.
Here’s the console reports:
Dorico 4-2022-10-24-085345.ips (45.7 KB)
Dorico 4-2022-10-24-084811.ips (45.5 KB)