RAST-A License Problem

I just downloaded RAST-A to try it out. But when I start Cubase, I get a message that says I don’t have the right license for RAST-A. This may be because I installed Rasta before I installed the newest Halion SE.

How do I fix this?

Figured it out. You have to actually buy it.

Steinberg cleverly hid that information on the RAST-A web page. They would probably sell more of them if they made it clear you were supposed to buy it. Dumb…

I agree on this. I thought this was like the same deal with IK version of this. The base software was free to existing IK members who purchased sampletank. They even gave away 2-3 soundbanks FREE. Anything above this you need to pay for about £70 a shot. Now had Steinberg offered this then I’d gone for it. But when I went to the purchase page on Steinberg website it wasn’t clear initially if this was free to Halion 6.2.2 users because there wasn’t an option. Below was Full product. I believe that have reclarified what the conditions are. Now Germany is a part of the EU and therefore the same standards apply there as in the UK, that means that EU stakeholder countries are required to oversee adverts, articles, websites, direct selling etc… that means like the advertising standards authority in the UK they have responsibility for oversight. I don’t know what the German alternative is. I wonder if there was some involvement here if they have had to clarify the terms.