Raster for cloning notes

I brought that up a couple of years ago already and the result was the introduction of the system track, which is nice and good but in large scores it’s just out of view and therefore unfortunately not very helpful. If I have notes selected and press the Alt key to clone these notes I would like to have the rhythmic grid visible in the bar in the staff over which the pointer is currently hovering, to see at which position I would insert the notes, perhaps even with a position marker that moves along horizontally with the pointer, to emphasize the pointer position, as illustrated in this mock-up:


Thanks for the feedback. This isn’t a bad idea, and perhaps one of these days we’ll be able to implement it.


This is indeed a clever idea.

This is a great idea. Alt-click can be a bit finicky at high rhythmic resolution, so PTs can end up at the wrong position. This would make it much easier.