rather complex mixdown problem

I need to mixdown audio tracks with cubase 8.5 pro as separate tracks for MainStage (e.g. trumpet, sax, rhythm sec., strings).
In mainstage, I run the song as a multi track player, so I can switch on/off single instruments.

Right now, I render each instrument (or combination) separately by soloing each track or group track, which is annoyingly time consuming.
Render in place lacks the possibility to set the length of the mixdown and running all tracks in sync in mainstage, the tracks all need to be the same length.
Audio mixdown multiple tracks, I do not get the effects.
Direct routing, the effects bleed in from other tracks.

I would appreciate any suggestions to improve the workflow!

Hi, I’m sorry I don’t have a specific suggestion beyond to see if the Project Logical Editor lets you set all the track lengths to the same value, but I wanted to ask what you meant about track bleedthru with Direct Routing?

Hi Alexis,
thank you for your answer.
This is all a bit tricky to explain.
I basically would like to render single tracks and track groups/folder into separate files in one go - including their effects. Naturally, the files will have all the effect signals on of all instruments on them. Unless I insert the effects on each track separately, which does not make sense in my case.
I think the easiest way might be to just do a “multi track audio mix down”, so all files will be the same length and then just use the render in place function to include the effects.


If you do a batch audio mixdown all your tracks will be the same length and you can render your sends as tracks also. Or have I missed the point here?

Generally yes. But, I would have the fx of all the instruments on the fx track. If I would want to run the backing tracks then without e.g. saxophone, I would still have the sax’s reverb on it.
Render in place has the option to include the complete fx path. It does then do a mixdown of each track one after the other. Which is the same thing I do now with the batch export. But, I have to do it manually and for 20 songs this takes forever.

You can set up several Group Tracks corresponding to the individual files you want.

You would have to use separate Verb instances, for example, to keep the Sax Verb (or whatever) out of the Keys Verb, but that’s no big deal.

Route all these Group Tracks to the Main out, obviously.

But then use “Export Audio Mixdown” and Select all these Groups instead of the Main Output as a batch render.

All at once. All the same length (your locators).


Yes you would need separate sends per instrument. :sunglasses: Hugh’s suggestion better than mine!

Thanks a lot for your help!
I thought about using the group tracks, but I have to render about 10 instruments separately each song. Would just need too many reverbs…
But, I have just tried to batch export all audio tracks, so they have the same length and then just mark all tracks I need to render and use render in place as separate tracks (including fx chain and master fx). It takes the same time, but at least I just have to push the start button once, instead of having to render each track individually.
I have never really paid much attention to the render in place function before.

Thanks again!