Rating members 'helpfulness'

This may be slightly off topic for this forum … but since Cubase is such a deep program with such a large user base, it seems the best place to post.

If you are new to this forum you may be confused by the different ‘member’ categories. You could easily be deceived into thinking someone with a “Senior Member” title … or in the future possibly even higher titles … is knowledgeable, expert and helpful.

Sadly, this is not the case. The member rating simply reflects the number of posts someone has made … regardless of how inane.

Some individuals appear to covet the member title as some sort of reflection of their intrinsic greatness as a gift to mankind … and endlessly spam threads with profound comments such as, “RTFM,” apparently to up their post count to astronomical levels.

I wish there was instead a way for users to rank the helpfulness of different members’ response to result in a rating truly reflective of the value of that member’s input and ‘helpfullness.’ Something like a ‘widget’ inside the post similar to the ‘edit’ button?

Vic_France, Grim, Split and Hippo, for examples, instantly spring to mind as ones with knowledge and helpfulness.

Could we have such a rating system here?


Seeing there are only two senior members and you single one out as helpful, I take it you refer to me as being un-helpful. Think what you want, there are countless who have thanked me in public and via PM for my help.

Seems you have a personal issue with me for not spoon-feeding people. I prefer the teach a man to fish approach.

Talk about senseless posts to boost postcount, I think your’s counts more than any of mine.

You should read through all my posts before passing judgement.

What’s your specific Cubase 6 question? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

EDIT Oh, and I couldn’t care less about post count. Proved it before to better than you. :wink:

Great idea !

No offense to anyone however there are FREE forum plugins that can do this.

Here is a snippet from a user post on another forum I belong to:

It clearly shows total number of posts AND total number of “likes” sometimes known as “+REP” or “KARMA” on forums


MODS - Please consider this posters concern available here in the KARMA MOD and many similar phpBB forum mods —> HERE

Users are currently simply posting “+1” as reply to a post they like (seen HERE). Adding a REP/Karma mod would be a great benefit to us all - and encourage contributors by giving them positive “karma” :smiley:

Until this is in place I will consider using my fish-head avatar… and believe me … you DO NOT want the fish head avatar ! :laughing:

No! No! Please … not the fish-head avatar!

Thanks, Savadious … this is exactly the type of idea I’d like to see here.



That seems like a nice idea. You may want to consider posting it here where suggestions are welcome.



Not a good idea, I’ve been on forums with such a system, you just get the hard line posters patting each other on the back, it’s not representative at all just a giant clique-fest.

Mashedkitten has to be one of the more helpful posters around hear… surely

I would rather like to see a rating system on posts instead of users. This makes it easy to find an important or helpful post in a threat with loads of posts.
This system would work best if the most voted post/answer will be moved right below the actual question.

I think we all have our own rating system, and that should be sufficient.

As to mine, if you need Mac help, there’s no question in my mind that Vic France and Weasel are the guys to go to.


The forum seems fine to me.

Sounds like someone’s trying to form a little clique. Why I didn’t post for years was because of little cliques with thousands of posts (and one or two with half a million!) who suggested this sort of thing from time to time probably so they could bully others. The old forum was plain unhealthy. This one isn’t.

Go somewhere more offensive, please. They’ll take you up on it.

Real life’s out there not in here.

Information minus emotion equals helpful!

I notice you don’t include yourself on your list of ‘helpfuls’. :question: That’s interesting.
It seems that what you want and indeed expect, is a bunch of knowledgable, informative and willing “helpfuls” to be ready and willing to conjure up appropriate expert advice and tips that meets your prerequisite qualifying criteria for ‘quality’ advice. I get this sense that you’ve come here to get the best of whatever is on offer whenever you pose an issue or problem, and are meanwhile seemingly quick to dismiss and express your dissatisfaction at those that might offer frivolous advice and tips that fall short of your qualifying threshold for ‘quality’ advice. But this forum by my observation is very much a mixed bag, made up of all sorts of personalities from all corners of the globe. That is the nature of an online community.

So, I wonder…how would you rate yourself on your ‘helpfulnes’ scale? If you were to rate yourself based on your own criteria (whatever that might be), I wonder what score you might attain? What is the quality of your contributions on this rating system you would like see imposed on others?

If I were new to this forum I may well be confused by the different ‘member’ categories as you suggest. AND I could just as easily be deceived into thinking someone with a relatively low post account as yourself to be rather out of line in suggesting a ‘rating system’ be imposed on well-established experienced members just so you could satisfy your own needs for ‘quality’ advice.

I understand new members most often initially come to learn and seek advice and likely look to ‘experienced’ or senior members for help while often having little to offer or contribute themselves in return, - I can understand that. The issue I have is that I think it rather inappropriate to expect, and indeed suggest that some sort of ‘quality control’ rating system be applied to active contributing members simply because you’re apparently not getting the quality of answers you expect from the majority of these other Cubase users, who afterall, like yourself, are simply just that, Cubase users who have voluntarily joined this forum for the purpose of communal sharing of knowledge, advice, tips and expertise etc.

I don’t believe we should be ranking or rating each other, afterall none of us are getting paid for our contributions. Any advice or knowledge offered here, good bad or indifferent, is done voluntarily and therefore should not be subject to any kind of rating. It is what it is. My philosophy is simply this - sort through the advice - take it or leave it, ultimately its my choice, but I’m always grateful for the support and assisstance I get from fellow members.


@Sherz. No, I don’t include myself among those I perceive as outstanding in their knowledge, willingness to help and apparent selflessness in their manner of helping … nor do I expect those who I perceive as more knowledgeable to instantly respond to my or any other’s query.

I do try to be helpful where I can and supportive when I agree with an issue. This forum … as others … will always have questions coming from individuals with various history of experience with Cubase, DAWs and software.

I’ve always appreciated answers that are succinct when possible and, when not, referenced to other threads or a section of the manual when more complex considerations demand.

That’s what I try to do.

Your points are well taken, but … as I’m sure you appreciate … reflective of a different view about the utility of ratings. I wouldn’t mind if we were all just “members,” but if there is to be a hierarchy I just think post count is a poor way to structure it.



The great WIKIPEDIA has just last week implemented the same REP/KARMA/LIKE system.



(oops not yet implemented…)

World would be a much better place if people worried more about what they themselves do than concerning themselves in other’s business. :wink:

I can understand your sentiment.

Imagine that I was a band leader and my ex-gf’s NEW BF hired my band for a big party just to prove he can ‘buy’ me at any time :laughing:

Anyhow - I can use my band to play the covers they like - or I can use my band in a bad way… and perhaps play polka all nite - or just simply and more discreetly change to a fast song whenever HE starts dancing close with HER :sunglasses:

Everything in life has a flipside.
Sir Newton wrote that out in his research …

Oops wrong Newton…

HOWEVER - this many years old ‘FEEDBACK’ system for phpBB is a free plugin (equal to loading a VST in your DAW) and provides the following. (phpBB is the software steinberg uses for this forum and one of the most popular forum softwares worldwide)

1. Basically a way people can say “thank you” for a helpful post.

2. If a reader gets only 1 reply after a long wait and that 1 reply is from a person with 3 posts, however they have 95 rating - the reader can weigh the value of the input because 95 others gave them thanks for those 3 posts.

3. Anyone can disable the ‘feedback’ system in their control panel - just like a signature can be disabled.

REMEMBER: This is not a tool for disturbing the peace - this is a tool for PROMOTING the peace.

It is no different from us currently showing total POST COUNT. It is merely one additional number to SUPPLIMENT the post count.

This is good for the entire economy.
This is good for Mr. Fish Head.
This is good for us all.


postcount schmostcount …
Topics with real value should be able to be rated as such and sorted for.
Topics with a lot of +1 should be the same.
Posts that get +4352 after a few years sort of HAVE TO have some value even if it might be old news?
We should be able to sort and have them floating up?
Maybe even the shitz’N’giggles drivel can eventually sink when the “expiration date” of the fun is getting closer?

Surely post count is just that, a count of how many posts someone has done! we all know that, so why is there a problem?

You would have to be a total Internet noob to think otherwise and would soon realise otherwise.