Raven Piano sound?

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I have to apologize for giving wrong information. Actually it is like this: The factory contents of HALion 6 can only be played back by HALion or HALion Sonic, but not HALion Sonic SE.

In order for HALion Sonic SE being able to play back HALion contents the preset files need to get saved in HSSE compatibel mode. So for example the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library is actually saved in HSSE compatibel mode and therefore can be played by HSSE.

I hope this clarifies things now.
And sorry again for confusing you beforehand.


Thank you so much. I am just getting started in Dorico 4 and have other issues to deal with before I get back to delving into what you have explained. Its nice to know that you are there and so helpful.

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As an experienced piano player, I really like Eagle (apart from the left pedal bug). Piano sounds are always a question of personal taste.

Raven and Eagle are part of HALion Sonic 3 and HALion 6. Cheapest way to get them (and ~3000 other sounds) is to buy HS3. It’s not a perfect performer if you use audio latencies < 3 ms, but soundwise it’s great bang for your buck. Simply have a listen.

Thenks Timo

A good piano in general

Have a look at Pianoteq. You can download a free trial and audition all the instruments.

Thank you. At this time, I am just looking for the best free piano I can find. Maybe there is a way to mix the sound so that it sounds more ringing and bell-like. Thanks again.

Sorry to get back to you so late. I listened and thought it was a beautiful sounds. Thanks.