RAVENNA technology ?


anybody uses Ravenna successfull with Cubase ?



I think AoIP, as in RAVENNA and Dante, is the future of digital audio, but it seems that the manufacturers currently involved in it are only considering setups with dozens of I/O connections.

I am waiting for a quality manufacturer to bring out a simple AoIP 2mic/2line-in/2line-out/headphone audio interface. Such interfaces would allow using one in the mixing/console/computer area and as many as required in the recording area/studio, with each close to the performer(s) utilising them. There would only be one connection from the computer to a GbE switch, from which one connection goes to the console devices and another goes into the studio PoE switch, from which in turn each studio device is fed by one connection for signal/clock/power.

Simple flexible and scalable, catering for the smallest user up to a huge studio. Now all the manufacturers have to do is stop thinking users MUST spend $5k+ just to get on board. They could have a huge market of home/hobby/small studio users if they target entry at $1-2k (or even less) for a starting setup.

Hi, I’m just registered but cannot download the stuff. I have enabled my account to download.
When I’ve tested this thing out I will report back :slight_smile:

Any news ?

Hi there, it’s been a while but my membership is approved. I can download the drivers.
I have studied the application for Ravenna and do not see an real live application for myself.

It is rather more interresting for software developers.

Thx !