Raw live demo recordings ( fem vox pop \ rock ~ soul-blues )

Many thanks everyone, for your feedback and your advice. You have been most helpful! Hopefully we’ll be back with better quality soon enough. :slight_smile:

I’m only just beginning to look more in-depth than I previously have at mixing techniques myself. Her voice has quite a large dynamic range so I think the right kind of compression at the right ratio and such would help a lot as it does become a bit too harsh at peaks. As to what they would be, I don’t really understand compression properly myself atm. ;D Her voice isn’t quite my thing but it does draw one in with its uniqueness and I think the main problem is the peaks of the dynamic range being too harsh. The words are a bit hard to discern though. According to Dave Pensado on his Youtube videos boosting the vocal at around 2khz can help the consonants to cut through better. He also mentions cutting at around 600-700hz…though I can’t actually remember his reasons for that so I’d need to watch it again. ;D And of course wouldn’t work for everything.

The tracks could really do with percussion though. Storm King says it’s pop-rock but I think a nice jazzy brushed kit would complement her voice and the style really nicely, especially with that rhythm. ;D The melodic and rhythmic combination for that track is nice and could probably get stuck in ones head better with some nice drums accompanying and some vocal mixing like controlling the peaks a bit without completely ruining the dynamic range and making the consonants clearer.

Some cool stuff there though, I think it’d be worth spending the time adding some drums and stuff. Perhaps some others from the forum would want to work on it if you don’t know anyone that can/has time, who knows.

Many thanks for the input. It is very raw yes, we will be working futher on!

There is a bit to of work need to do a valid live recording including live stage mic placement to get proper balances between instruments etc. There is a low rumble even in headphones that can be easily fixed. That being said the playing and really nice and the Vocalist has a style that fits the music and I really enjoy her.

Looking forward to hearing more as you step up your game

Thank you for advice and feedback. That’s a single girl singing \ playing and songwriting this.
Mics were only used for vocal recording, while keyboard (a combined preset of acoustic bass and piano from Sampletank VSTi) was routed directly to the mixer.

very interesting track and fascinating singer, lot of work to do on the mix though, like Kenny I look forward to hearing more stuff as you “up” your game…


Thanks for the ecouraging opinion!
As for the mix, yes - it is pretty hard for me (as a beginner in audio recording) to capture that powerful voice without compromising character and dynamic range.
BTW on “Run!” and “Sweeter than nothing” tracks only ribbons were used, while the “Strom King” is a blend of C12 clone and ribbons, think vocals level is set too “hot” on the Storm King. The peaks are really high on that track and there might also even be some digital clipping (sorry, my fault not having the compresser atm).

The artist sounds really awesome in the room, these are home live demo recordings - we will surely be back with some studio recorded stuff soon enough.)