Ray Manzarek RIP


RIP, Ray… :cry:

A fate we all shall soon enough face…

One Door closes, while another one opens…

This was a surprise… I know we are all terminal but it seems like the generation is disappearing all too quickly. I did see The Doors live once at the infamous Miami Dinner Key Auditorium show…seemed like Ray was normal by comparison.

R.I.P. Ray

PS: when your 70, it doesnt seem like 74 is a long life. I had a customer who was 105 last Id seen him and my dad is 94. The man at 101 was in his garden pulling weeds


(Thanks Dave!)

Still trying to correctly play that lick from ‘Light My Fire’.

Thank you Ray and R.I.P.


the “when the music’s over, turn out the lights” refrain will never die for me.
RIP Ray!!..I’ve spent hundred of hours in my youth learning your chops playing along to a record player on a Farfisa.