RDC does not send MIDI data to Axe FXIII

Pulling my hair out yesterday trying to figure this out, but I think there is a problem with Cubase 12 Pro MIDI List Editor commands when being controlled via Windows 10 Pro Remote Desktop Connection. I am able to duplicate this event. Not sure if there is a setting I can adjust to make this work, and if there is I would love to hear about it! Here are the details.

  1. I have in my Cubase 12 Pro (v12.0.20) a MIDI track that sends SysEx, CC and PC commands to my FAS Axe FXIII. It works great.
  2. I have a laptop that I keep closer to my playing area, and use Windows 10 Pro Remote Desktop Connection to facilitate being able to start and stop recording from my play area (rather than being directly in front of the computer that Cubase is running on).
  3. When I start Record from my desktop, the MIDI List Editor commands function as programmed on my Axe FXIII.
  4. When I start Record from my laptop (connected to desktop via RDC), the MIDI List Editor commands during that session do NOT get sent to my Axe FXIII.
  5. I have been able to consistently reproduce this action with the same results.

This definitely makes my life of recording with Cubase much more difficult and I hope there is a resolution. As mentioned above, if I am supposed to set something in the system that will resolve this, please let me know. My searches have not produced any actionable items.

Thanks for reading and any insight you may be able to provide!


Sorry to hear of your problem. I can’t offer a fix for your current rig. But as an easy workaround and troubleshooting excercise, you could eliminate Windows Desktop Remote by using Steinberg’s SKI remote and if you have an iPad handy iC Pro.

You can download the SKI remote here

There are instructions for setting it up on the download page. I’ve used it in the browser on my Android phone to control Cubase. Within Cubase you go to Studio Setup and add it and get the URL you use on your phone from the setup screen

If you have an iPad handy, you can get iC Pro from the App store and get pretty full control over Cubase.
Hope this helps. Good luck

Thanks SF_Green! I don’t have any apple products, but I do have some Android phones and a tablet! I will give it a go and see if it works ;~))


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