Re: 8.5.10: "Dedicated video output device stopped working"

To reproduce:

Boot up the Computer.
Load Cubase.

This message appears:
If I go to “Video Service” the BM Decklink 2 is there (see attachment).
You can select it AND an Output format.
Apply and back to project - no video.
Open “Video Service” again - Black Magic is un-checked.

Rinse and Repeat.

Please let me know what I can do to rectify this.


Obviously, this problem is not solved as relates to the version Video Engine that comes with 8.5.1.

But it seems I have been able to solve the problem by instead using Video Engine (4 files, videoengine, videodecode, videooutput, and videopreload) versions - form CB 8.0 in place of these files in 8.5.1.

Everything has been stable for a couple days.

I’ll report back any problems.