Re activate track, no expression map & midi not connected !!

Hello Everyone, I have a real annoying problem with reactivating track:

for some reason sometimes the expression map is not loaded anymore, & sometimes the midi input is set as “not connected” !!!
It’s really a pain to have to do that on all tracks that I enable again in my template ! I saw this was a known issue for previous version of cubase, how could this bug still be here on version 9 ???

I’m on window 10
cubase V 9.0.10 build 150

1-Create some tracks
2- Assign to the tracks some expression map & verify an midi input is selected
3- right click on tracks & desactivate them
4-save project
5- close cubase
6- open cubase & load project
7-right click & activate track
8- pray for the expression map to be loaded & look at the midi input

It’s quite random so it’s really annoying ! :frowning: :frowning:

anyone ? please help … thanks !


I am confirming this. MIDI input and expression map are most often lost on re-activated tracks.

This is so annoying !!! I have to look all day for the right expression map in a list of +50 ! the selection menu is also very unfriendly for big list… :frowning: really a pain ! this bug was already in cubase 8 … & at this price for cubase pro 9 it’s really incredible to have again the same bugs :frowning: :frowning:
please answer & tell us when you can fix this…


It’s the same with MIDI inserts and presets. Would not be surprised if the issues are related - they have been around for ages.

Hey did you found a workaround to this, I just encountered with this same issue!