Re-Activating Cubase Elements 6

My old laptop screen went dead so I could no longer use it. I bought a new laptop and installed Cubase Elements 6 from the software disc I bought from Guitar Center. I went to enter the access / activation code and it says it has already been used and that I need a new activation number. Where do I get this I am really starting to get frustrated with this issue as I can find no help from My Steinberg. Any one else ever have this problem? I should be able to use the software that I purchased.

I tried downloading the e-licsencer but it only shows the mp3 converter that I bought and downloaded from the Steinberg website.


you should be able to perform a reactivation of your cubase elements in MySteinberg.

In “My Products” click on the “Cubase Elements 6” and you should see a red “reactivation”-button. Type in the eLicenser-ID that was generated on your new laptop and you should receive a new activationcode.

Best wishes

Thanks for the help I finally got it to work. Next question is I can pull files of my old hard drive using a usb sata/ide cable would I be able to pull my previous recordings to the new computer or are they lost?

If you have power on your hard drive, you can sata connect it to your motherboard of your new computer and save the files on your new drive.

If it’s only the screen failing on the laptop, I’d just connect a separate external screen and transfer files to a USB-drive or somesuch.