Re activation code. Pls help

Hi, some days ago I bought an audio interface Steinberg 22 URC. I installed and activate succesfully the Cubase AI (Cubase software included with Steinberg product), in my laptop. Unfortunayely yesterday my laptop crashed and I made a new installation of the Cubase in my PC Desk top. However, I was very sad to find that I could not activate the product because the activation code could not be used a second time.I would like to know if there is a solution to this and what I should do.Can I get a new one activation code or reactivate the old one in the new installation?

Stelios Magiafas

You should be able to reactivate through your MySteinberg account. Details can be found on the main Steinberg website.

Thanks, for your help, I fixed it already…

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