Re Activation Cubase 7 AI (RESOLVED)

Hi all

I did a request to re activate my CUBASE 7 AI from IT SUPPORT since 25 February but always no feed back :confused:

Some one could help me to re activate my licence ?
This problem is appeared since i reinstall my PC.It’s mean “Please provide a new Soft-eLicenser number.” So contact your support to have a new Soft-eLicenser number!

Thanks a lot

  • Neil

The new soft eLicenser number is created in the eLicenser control center on installation of the software.

Ok, so i re install Elicencer and have a new Elicencer control ?

I’ll test it Thanks a lot.

No worked.
i have the same elicencer number !

Another help ?


Ok, i must found to “erase” old elicencer" (Regitry ?).
I have a new in another PC (Test).

Ah, I see, it´s the same computer - Maybe this does help, though I think this might really be a case for support

Ho yes, i forgot to say the same computer, sorry.
I’ll check your link, thanks a lot !

Also, i found solution :
Erase “SeLicenser.sel”, ré install Cubase and i’m a new soft Elicencer =)