Re-Activation Grrr!!

Hello, my friends in the Northern Hemisphere!

Please take a look at the picture.
This pops up EVERY time windows 10 updates. I am an insider.

Is there an easy way to re-activate Dorico, or MUST I re-install eLisensor and go through the whole proccess of re-activating Dorico.


If I make use of an eLisenser, will it take care of this problem or will I get problems with my licenses on the eLicensor? THAT is why I have not made use of my Dongle yet.

Have a blessed weekend further.


Hans, one of my sons is an IT pro and he refuses to talk to me after he discovered that I’m actually using W10 on my Surface Pro… :slight_smile:

That happened to me after the Windows 10 Creator’s edition update. All I had to do was open the eLicenser and let it run the online synchronization and maintenance - problem solved!

Of course, if Steinberg would just dispense with this and do say two code based authentications per Dorico license, it wouldn’t be a problem…

frtveno, your son might be one of those guys who LOVES Windows 7. There were these IT guys that HATED Windows 8 and perhaps Windows 10.

I MUST say, I LOVE Wondows 10. I’m an insider and being one of hundreds of thousands insiders, Windows 10 ROCKS!

I just don’t understand why Sibelius and Finale stay activated but Dorico NOT!!??

But I’ll try what bfuhrman suggest and then see if it works. I HAVE actually tried this before and it did not work, but perhaps by now, Windows will allow it. :slight_smile:

Thanks my friends
Blessings from a FREEZING, WET and WINDY Cape Town!

You are welcome to donate your Surface Pro to me for my birthday. You won’t believe how eagerly I want a Surface Pro…but for some mysterious reason Microsoft refuses to sell that thing in South Africa!! :open_mouth: I can always import one, but the exchange rate will ditch me into poverty!! :slight_smile:

But, I’m positive that I will get one…God willing. Maybe I should apprroach the Trump Foundation. :smiling_imp:

Enjoy your weekend, my friend and keep safe.

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Hi, I attempted your idea…no joy…as usual. Here is the timeline:

  1. I click on the Dorico desktop icon and get picture "Capture0.jpg);
  2. I click on eLisenser icon in the start menu and get "Capture.jpg);
  3. I clicke “OK” and on “Housekeeping” and was greeted with "Capture2.jpg);
  4. Not too far into the “Housekeeping” a dialgue box “Capture3.jpg” pops up; and
  5. After “Housekeeping” is finished “Capture4.jpg” is the result.

So I have to re-install the eLisenser software and re-activate new licenses.

Oh Boy!! :cry: (129 KB)

Hans, did you actually run the eLicenser “as administrator”… have you seen this:?

That would be my suggestion.

Running the eLicenser as administrator would be the first thing to try. As it usually works.

But if you don’t mind the using the usb dongle, it would save you from these troubles.
Dongles are not affected by the windows upgrades/updates and other things like hardware changes.

GREAT! For some reason it Dorico is registered on my eLisenser!! I DID run eLisenser as admin and no joy. But when I wanted to make a YouTube video to demonstrate this, then suddenly Dorico started up!!


Thanks guys!

Hi guys, running eLisenser did not activate Dorico…sorry.

But I think I’m going to follow misohoza’s suggestion and make use of my dongle. I hope you are right that the dongle is not affected by Win updates.

Thanks guys