Re-Activation - How long does Support take to reply (Answer: 8 days for me)

I have recently had my Windows 7 system fail and I am now trying to re-install all my software on Windows 10.

I have installed the latest Soft E-licenser but it won’t let me use the activation codes I received when I purchased the software (downloads). When I go to MySteinberg account I don’t see any of the software listed there apart from some of the basic stuff I got with my UR242 hardware purchase a while ago.

Subsequently I purchased Cubase Elements 9 (upgrade from AI), then Cubase Elements 9.5 upgrade, Halion Symphonic Orchestra and Halion Sonic 3 for which I received the activation codes by email.

I read this article and tried to follow it. To re-use the activation codes I received when I purchased the software I clicked on the top left red Register Elicenser/Software button and entered the activation code. I then got the error message “The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated”.

I have raised a support ticket for this but that was 5 days ago and no response as yet. In the meantime I am unable to use all of this software which I paid for.

Does anyone know any other way to get hold of someone from support and get some action?


Is your Cubase AI license registered? Also check the eLicensers tab.

The only thing listed under Software is Basic FX Suite Rev.2 which came with the UR242 and Cubasis (iPad).
Cubase AI 8 is listed under the Downloads tab. The Elicensers tab just shows Basic FX Suite Rev.2.

I thought it odd that my account has always looked like this even after activating all of the products in the Soft E-licenser in Windows 7 which listed them correctly and they all activated and worked perfectly (even after synchronization).

What happens if you click “Reactivate”? Does it give you a Cubase AI license or only the Basic FX Suite license?

Just the Basic FX Suite License.

In this case there’s no other option, you’ll have to wait for support. Sorry.

Support is kinda busy this month, but the average response time seems to be around a week or less. You’ll probably receive a response soon.

Thanks for your help anyway.

I am quite surprised/disappointed in Steinberg as I think of them as being leaders in their field. Yet their’s is the only music software that I have been unable to re-install in Windows 10. Also still no response from Steinberg after 6 days and their FAQs just lead me around in circles.

Last time it took almost 4 weeks for them to get back to me. People told me it would take over 3 weeks, I didn’t believe them but it did. So… sit tight and wait is my only advice.

Wow, that is bad! I hope it’ll be quicker than that.

They could save themselves a lot of time if only their Soft Elicenser protection system wasn’t so complicated to set up. I’m not even doing anything unusual in moving from Win 7 to 10. There must be a lot of people in the same situation as me.

Now 8 days and no response! I can’t believe how bad this is.

I will not be buying any more Steinberg products.

For the record: I was contacted by support on the 8th day and now have all of my software re-activated.

Please note that May 1 was a holiday, and support usually only responds during weekdays (I don’t know if they went to work on Monday), so it’s been really 4-5 workdays. That’s admittedly still a bit slower than ideal, but it’s faster than it used to be a few months ago.

The system is pretty simple. The only problem is that your Cubase license wasn’t registered to your account. No idea if this was due to user error or if something in your Windows 7 setup prevented it from working correctly, but registering and reactivating Cubase is normally pretty painless.

I’m waiting already for 25 days for support … no answer yet, Ridiculous!
Not in the forum, not in steinberg support.

Do you want to put a link to your question from the forum? May get a helpful response this time around …

The problem is not only my problem, so i didn’t start a thread myself, but i “hooked on” on a couple of other topics where users describe the same "mixer selection sync"problem. In the “issues” part of the c9 part of the forum. Here are 2 of them:

I also submitted a support ticket, (See attachment)

i made a video to show:
So in a nutshel, the problem:
if you select a (group( channel in (any) mixer when the folder of the group tracks in the arranger window is closed, the group channel does not get unselected if you select another channel in the arranger window.
I have checked if this problem was there in the 9 version of cubase, but it was not there.