Re-activation trouble

I have a major job on, deadline this week. Need Dorico to work. Now Dorico wants re-activation as far as I understand. I use Dorico Pro 4, updated to 4.1. I have started the activation manager where it says that Dorico is activated with a nice tick next to it. What to do? Valuable time is passing. It worked beautifully yesterday, and I love the program, but this problem needs to go away quickly. Please advice. Where to click? What to fill in where? Dorico itself won’t start.
Thanks in advance. I am panicking a bit here.

I assume it is re-activation that is needed. Please advice.

What exactly happens when you launch the application? Is there an error message?

Thank you, I have had the problem solved by calling support. A weird technical glitch, they could not explain why. I needed to deactivate and reactivate, then it worked.

johan, I have a major work in the pipeline and I will postpone the Dorico update until I have finished that work. Thanks for the hint.