Re-add the ability to disable "Use Hub"

I absolutely HATE the hub. It’s the first thing I disable in every software I use. And all other software have the option to disable it.

So then, why in gods name is the option to disable “Use Hub” removed in Nuendo 13? If people want to use it, fine. I don’t. So why not keep the option?

Re-add the disable option please.

Nuendo 13.0.20, macOS.

Try activating ‘Open Last Project on Startup’ and disable ‘Show News in Hub’ in Preferences.

I’m not a Hub fan either but the Hub is no longer really the Hub as it was before. With the new Window management the Hub is more like a startup screen.

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There is a long thread in the Cubase forum which might (or, might not) be interesting to you …

Regression: Allow disabling of ‘Hub’ in Cubase 13 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

… just thought I’d throw it out there. :wink:

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Thank you!

No, it’s not a startup screen.

There is already a startup screen showing the logo and loading progress. The hub is a tool for people who’d like to use it. If you don’t want to use it, it’s just a nuisance adding extra loading time, and requiring manual closing. Even if a project is loaded, it doesn’t close. It just sits there in the background until it’s manually closed. It took me 1h today of troubleshooting to figure out why Keyboard Maestro did not read the window properties as it usually does. It turns out the hub was open in the background, and when it is, it screws up the window activation routines in macOS.

“Open last project” is not a solution, it’s not what I want. I want the fastest possible opening of a project I want to work on NOW. Not the last project. I juggle up to 5 projects per day, all of which have a loading time of about 3-5 minutes, as it’s based on a 3000 track template. Half of the time, closing a project, Nuendo crashes, requiring it to be re-opened. The hub appears again. And so it goes on.

If people want to use the hub, I don’t mind it, but MAKE IT OPTIONAL bitte. Everyone is happy. Etc.

Not any more. It’s now the default window for the application and an integral part of the new windows structure.
In most cases the hub disappears once a project is opened and only reappears once the last project is closed.
Like you I used to turn off the old hub because it did nothing for me but I accept the reasons for the presence of the new one, even if I don’t fully agree with some of the design decisions.
Depending on our work here we may have several projects on the go at the same time, so there can be a fair bit of project opening and closing going on, but now that I’m used to the new hub it doesn’t hold me back and I’ve stopped paying attention to it.


This will be fixed in C13.0.30

As for the rest, and as it was already pointed out, I recommend you guys join the other thread and read through it. The hub is a necessary window (who said evil in the room?!) on Windows to be Windows compliant.

I think it’s software design flaw (and I’m not on Windows, so there is no compliance issues), but as long as it closes when opening a project, and doesn’t slow down the start-up, I’ll live with it.

I assume that N13.0.30 has this fix as well?

Yes, it will.

Please get rid of this Hub at startup - driving me crazy! Never liked it