Re-add VST everytime I open Cubase


I am having trouble with my VST instrument “Serum”. I installed it to my PC to the D:/ drive. And within Cubase I searched for the VST. So far there are no problems. But everytime that I close Cubase and open it, i have to do the same “search and find” procedure. I also have Keyscape and Omnisphere as a VST and I don’t have any problems to add them over and over again.

When I go to the VST manager I have to manually add the D:/ drive, where Serum is located. But everytime I close the application and opening it I have to repeat these steps.

Can you provide me with some help.

Thank you very much.

Rifat Sahin

( PS: Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile: )

Hi and welcome,

Are you sure Cubase quits properly? Isn’t there a silent crash? Then the Cubase preferences wouldn’t be stored.

You can also make an Alias of the vst3 file or dll file and place it to your common VST folder.

Hi Martin,

I don’t think so to be honest. How can I find that out?
Can you instruct me how to make an alias?

Thanks in advance


Either you can find a crash dump file in the folder, or you can try to change any (other) obvious settings (for example in Preferences) and double-check, if the settings remains after Cubase restart or not.

To make an alias, it depends, if you are using macOS or Windows. But in general if you right-click to the file, I believe, there is an option to create an alias on both systems.