Re-applying AudioWarp or VariAudio?


I’m in the following situation:

I’ve used AudioWarp and VariAudio on a bass track. When I finished I noticed I accidentally applied it to the mic’ed amp track instead of the line signal track (which I’d rather to use for this song). Can I in any way apply my AudioWarp and VariAudio processing to the correct audio clip? Could I trick Cubase by messing with the Pool? Like deleting the amp track and inserting the line track in its place?

It’s not a situation where I want to be using both tracks so phase coherence isn’t an issue.

All suggestions appreciated!

As far as I know you can’t copy variaudio and I wouldn’t mess around in the pool also.
Your only option now is to reset variaudio and rework the other audio track…
In the future you might want to SAVE AS Variaudio version…