Re-Arrange MixConsole Channels

Is it possible to re-arrange the position of channels in the MixConsole? If so, how do I go about it?



Change the corresponding track’s position in the project window. I know you’re going to say what(?), you cannot rearrange them independently???.. ya, been a feature request of mine for :unamused: ages

Ah, now that is interesting. I really need to rearrange a bunch of channels in the MixConsole and it seems that when rearranging tracks in the project window, Cubase then reassigns the track numbers, which it uses the order numbering to arrange the display in the MixConsole.

So, my workaround, based on your observation, is to create a new group of whatever channels need to show together in the MixConsole, add the respective channels/tracks to the group, and then move the group up or down in the project window based on where the tracks need to appear in the MixConsole.

Still would love to be able to re-arrange freely in the MixConsole, but at least this is a workaround.

Thanks for the suggestion!