Re-arranging scores

I fairly frequently need to re-orchestrate scores I’ve already entered, from wind band to symphony orchestra, for example. To date, I’ve simply loaded the old file and (reducing the stave size somewhat!) added sections of players below until I have both instrumentations, one above the other, before starting cut and paste. A little tedious, but at least I have all the tempo indications, rehearsal marks, etc. present from the start. Is there a more elegant solution to getting to this position? Thanks in advance.

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Im approaching it the same way but adding then deleting the instruments one at a time to keep the project manageable. Since I’m a Dorico novice it’s a good learning exercise

My original scores are from xml files that are an all around mess so I may go back to printing and reentering everything from scratch

I’ll be making an orchestration for strings and ensemble into a jazz band piece so I’m up against the same thing + all the key signature changes for the different horns

As long as you’re not dealing with that kind of thing I imagine you’ve got the most elegant solution

But this is coming from a total novice so it’ll be interesting to see what the pros say

One thing I forgot to mention and I think I had read somewhere that Dorico has a function for it

For one project I’m creating a condensation of the string sections just for the sake of having them as a reference

Basically a worksheet that turns the string parts from an orchestration into a piano piece with a few solo parts above it

Either I read somewhere that Dorico can do that condensation/transcription

or I dreamed it

One definitely can condense: Condensing

(Full disclosure: I’ve never worked with it, so can’t advise from personal experience.)

That does sound like a potentially elegant solution to wanting to have the previous version’s music temporarily visible to work from before deleting the unneeded staves. (NB: I do see a note on the page referenced above about condensing affecting the responsiveness of Dorico.)

The term in Dorico is reduction, quite different from condensing:

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Not sure if it answers the original poster’s needs but I need to reduce some string orchestra pieces to piano so this will be one of my next Dorico lessons